The clinical procedure for cataract surgery

The clinical procedure for cataract surgery

Your cataract surgery in 3 steps:

The intervention requires a morning in the clinic.

Before your procedure

Upon your arrival at the clinic, you will receive a pre-medication. You will wear a sterile outfit for the operating room. We propose the type of anaesthetic needed: either local, potentiated local (neurolept-analgesia) or general.

During your procedure

The procedure takes place in an extended position on a Stryker ophthalmology chair. After following strict aseptic regulations, we perform the anesthesia. The procedure lasts around 30 minutes and takes place in two stages:

  • A liquefying of the crystalline lens is made by the ultrasonic waves of the phacoemulsifier.
  • The implantation of a multi-focal lens.
  • During the operation you will be guided by your surgeon and must follow the instructions given by him.

After your procedure

You will be able to leave the clinic around noon. It is necessary to be met by an accompanying person as it is advisable to rest with your eyes closed during the first few hours following your release from the clinic.

During the week following the operation, it is recommended that you wear protective goggles while sleeping. Completely limit exposure to "hazardous" atmospheres, such as dust in the air, in order to avoid infections. You must avoid all situations that may expose your eyes to micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungi). Strict hygiene rules should be observed, including washing of hands before using eye drops. You should avoid shocks to your eyes and even restrain from rubbing your eyes.

Your post-operative follow-up will be provided by Dr. Donate, which will consist of three check-up visits: the day after the operation, the following week and finally one month after the operation.



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